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Tribevest is an innovative platform that fosters collaboration among friends and family for investment purposes. This platform allows them to come together as an investor group, pool their funds, and effectively manage joint investments as a unified entity.

Ghost Tag™ represents the innovative fusion of physical items with digital NFTs. By linking each collectible to its corresponding NFT, Ghost Tags establish a strong connection between the tangible item and its current owner.

GhostFi™ Media is a dynamic weekly newsletter with a focus on the world of cryptocurrencies, AI, and regulatory developments in the crypto-centered realm. Subscribers receive timely updates on the fast-paced industry, while newcomers are offered valuable educational content to familiarize themselves with the basics of this exciting space.

CryptoBOO is the pioneering Phygital Meme Token, created by artificial intelligence and GPT-4 customization. Created on a limited budget, this extraordinary meme coin was propelled into reality by the GhostFi™ community, demonstrating the potential of AI and personal creativity in the cryptocurrency world.

Sigma Labs’ mission is to empower individuals to reach their full potential by providing cutting-edge performance supplements that enhance overall health and performance.